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The mission of M.O.M.I.E is to nurture the genius of children and youth and create a transformative life experience.



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Mentors of Minorities in Education, Inc. (M.O.M.I.E, Inc.), is a DC-based nonprofit organization dedicated to “nurturing the genius” of our children by creating a transformative educational experience.  Our model uniquely integrates creative and culturally relevant out-of-school time programs, opportunities for parent and community engagement, and the sharing of educational tools and resources for the community.



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Retention Rate

Over 90%

Students improved their skills in the core competencies significantly

Over 1,000

Students Served


Letter from our Leader

As parents, it is your job to care for and nurture your children into outstanding and independent adults, but this journey does not come without a village. At Mentors of Minorities in Education, we strive to be the positive reinforcement in your children’s lives - nurturing their gifts and encouraging pride in their culture & history. When enrolling your children into M.O.M.I.E., you are not just finding out-of-school care, but you are joining a community, a village of educators, that their sole mission is to help your child develop a strong well-rounded foundation for future success. We have served over 1,000 students and hope to serve many more. Join us as we “nurture the genius” in the next generation.

 - Clifton King, Jr., Chief Educational Officer

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